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Instructions - Add / Edit an Event

Part 1 - New Event - Register

  1. Click on Add New Event -
  2. Fill in your details on the Registration Form complete with a current email address, also choose a user name and password - click submit
  3. Check your details on the checkout form and click the paypal button
  4. You will be taken to the paypal secure site, complete yor details your payment will be made to (biz solutions)
  5. Once your payment is accepted You will then be able to use your username and password to enter Events
  6. You will also recieve a confirmation email with your details

Part 2 Login - Put in your Event Details & Scores

  1. Log in using your correct User Name and Password - you should see a welcome message

    golf results - login

  2. Click on Administration on the main menu then click on Add New Event Button-


  3. Fill in the competition details - Ensure that you use the following date format : 10/01/2008 not (10/01/08)

    Golf results - details

  4. You will be taken to the event Entered Screen - Click the Add Player Details Button to add players

    Golf results

  5. Enter Player scores - ensure all fields are filled


6. Once all players scores have been entered click submit and will see the screen below


Part 3 Edit your Event Details & Scores

  1. To Edit an existing event - Click on main Administration button on the main menu then View your events

    golf results
  2. Select the event details you wish to edit

    golf results

  3. To change any of the three images on the main details page - click Images

  4. Click on the Add Results button or one of the Edit Results or Edit Event buttons against your event to complete your update in terms of scores or event details.


That's about all there is to it - good luck ,
If you need any help just email us at

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